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Full Version: Some New Ideas
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Hey guys, how's it going? I'm just posting a few ideas that've been boiling in my mind for a bit. But before I start, I just wanna say that this game is absolutely brilliant and that it has nowhere to go but up.

That being said, there are ideas that I think would make the game even better.

I've heard this being talked about somewhere else but I also think this would be neat. This'll probably be a bit of work but maybe adding cities and towns to the game could make the infecitivity stats a little more interesting as you watch your disease spread. It would also be kind of cool to infect where you live. This would take some work but maybe teaming up with Google and getting a layout for each country could work.

New scenarios and plague types are always a good thing as you figure out what works best for each type. A few ideas I had for a few scenarios were the Andromeda Strain from Micheal Crichton's book of the same name, maybe weaponized anthrax escaping from a WHO facility, cholera, maybe even the symbiote from Spider-Man 3. I don't know about the rest of you but that sounds like fun to me.

I've played so much where it's gotten to the point that even Mega-brutal is easy. Maybe there could be a new difficulty called Insane or some other adjective like that which could add in a few new features. For instance, immune systems. Maybe you could factor in humanity's capacity to fight off your disease to make it a little more interesting (also add a new ability to counteract people with varying levels of immune systems). Maybe if too many are infected in a country, they get shot on sight to prevent infectiousness along with other extreme preventative methods.

And I just came up with this one while typing this. What if you tried to destroy the world in different time periods? Maybe go back to Rome or Ancient Egypt or the American Colonies. Maybe even advance into the future where technology and health care have been improved significantly. Maybe even throw in a little a sci-fi and try to destroy a galactic empire of humanity along with other alien races.

Just some suggestions.
Thanks a lot for the suggestions, and welcome to the forum!

In particular - the 'different eras' would be a really cool / fun thing to do, we've floated the idea a bit before but could be good to relate this to scenarios. The new difficulty mode is a popular request too - though as even I struggle with Mega-Brutal a bit, it does terrify me slightly Tongue

Related to the Spider-Man idea - how would you see that working in-game?
In my opinion, a Touch Screen support for scrolling and dragging would be good. (in plague inc evolved, of course)

And, yes, Mega-Brutal is easy. You actually starts in China, evolve rash, sweating, skin lesions, necrosis, horommogic shock, and internal horomogging, along with all resistance abilities and water 2 rodent 1 air 1 blood 1 and gg. (Sorry for the spelling)
Maybe even some new world maps. Like prehistoric eras where you infect dinosaurs or cavemen. Or completely alien world maps where you infect aliens. Imagine the scenarios that could be created!
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