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Full Version: [IDEA] 2 New options for more fps (everything for optimization)
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Hi, as a new plague inc && w00den pc user(since the first "match" on android, i love this game), im kinda shooked about my fps after 500k+ infected ppl. (maybe steam cpu/ram usage suck, cuz i can play lol w/o problems ;P)

Can you let us

[ON/OFF] Animations of boats and airplanes
+ Optional
Show ONLY infected boats/airplanes?

If later (after 500k infected ppl) One Red point = 500~ ppl,

Can you let us change it -
Small Red point > One big Red point
Amount of ppl

Visualization ( For better understanding ):
Current: http://imgur.com/ZgaBIEm
My Idea ( AkA Paint L0rd Skillz ): http://imgur.com/ahjBu7M

( Screens - FROM GOOGLE Graphics!!!
I use low graphic settings. )


Btw. Sorry for my english
Btw2. i hope you can do something for optimization
Boo. Disable planes/ships should be changed to 2D planes/ships
Also how many red dots are there in Greenland when it's totally infected? xD
Btw. Sorry for my english
Btw2. i hope you can change your way to do something for optimization. bruh.
Thx for feedback ;P
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