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Full Version: IOS version Necroa Virus cure lower than Android and PC by WAY TOO MUCH
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Well I posted a tutorial on a Chinese forum about the Necroa Virus in iOS Mega Brutal. The lowest cure I've made in iOS was 1%, but however if I use the same progression in PC version the cure was 100% and I almost always lost. Other people in the forum using Android also reported a cure progress of 100%.
The gene I picked was the one that gives you 8 DNA, Genetic Mimic, Native Biome, the gene that gives you dry area bonus, and the gene that reduces the cost of zombie moving.
I started in Saudi Arabia, skipped animal transmission and evolved blood 1, air 1, air 2, and the left side of symptoms, straight to zombie. The news shown for disease spotted is the "*** causing anti-social activities" which happened immediately after I made my first zombies. Note that I didn't evolve heat resistance. I then evolved zombie symptoms(right side of it), and zombie horde abilities.(Only speed, not amount) I moved zombies to islands and countries with Z Com's and zombies all destroyed them. Then I evolved Coma, Drug Resistance 1, Genetic Hardening, and 2 Genetic ReShuffle's. The problem is the ports and airports of the countries even did not close when I won. The highest score I have gotten is about 1.5 million.
In PC, the cure was significantly faster and more countries were developing for a cure. When the cure was finished I lost soon after that because, probably, humans would have an advantage against zombies since people can be cured if bitten by them. Tongue
Interesting, we'll be looking into this
Final traits evolved. Also white planes/boats going between countries even if only zombies are left.
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