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Full Version: Enhanced UI
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Hey there!

First of all i need to say the game is amazing, highly addictive and fun to play. Strategy grows over time and playing and every scenario can result in multiple variants, so its awsome to have fun with it. Congratz for the great work.

Thou, i found out the UI system a bit troublesome with all those pop-ups. While they're cool and you want to know whats happening in the world while waiting for DNA to build up, in certain point they become a distraction and can rob your attention of bigger things. Also, you cant review old pop-ups, you can read or discard them, and thats it. (You can still check titles on the main news, but not details).

So, after some toughts i came to this: Notification System.

[Image: 8YLQfQ2.jpg]

* New pop-ups will show up as usual or be sent diretly to the notification bar. You can open it or no, depend on you.
* Country border changes should be included at this panel, theyre important and change the balance of the game.
* Ability to review old notifications
* The column will roll down as new notes are added
* Make it iconographic, so you know whats is about without reading it
* Multiple notifications of same type should stack in the bar
* Right-clicking notes will dismiss them from the bar
* New notifcations will be illustrated

Some examples:
[Image: FimmxdM.png]
[Image: NaiU1NO.png]
[Image: OY2ME7I.png]
[Image: tTAgaKh.png]

Well, thats the most of it. Hope you guys like the idea ^^
Now, for some balance changes:


* Affected countries now have quarantine skills, wich STOP infection growing rates till new infection skills show up. Why? Cause its too easy too infect the whole world, putting you in a obligatory rush mode to take the world, them turning on symptom kill-switches.
* Quarantine slow down research rates aswell, giving you time to deal with it.

* Quarantine should have countries leading it. So, if you have a quarantined Angola in a effort made from Norway, crushing Norway down will turn off quarantine on Angola.
This makes more fun to use active abilities that use target countries.


* Actvite abilities panel is just too small and have no description pop-ups, forcing
you to go check in the evolution panel for what it does. The icons are supra small aswell. Smile


Technology tree (evolution) is great as it is, but it takes you nowhere. If you look at a slower-playing style, you never have enough time to research it all, and if you do it, still, its a empty bottle, theres nothing in the technology endgame that really worth it.

So, i would suggest to make some extraordinary technologies to the endgame. You finished the ability tree? Cool, theres a Infinite Research to be learned, but it cost 200 points. Adding nice abilities would extend gameplay.

Well, keep doing this awesome job, the game is amazing. Smile
Nice work on the graphics!

Some really interesting ideas here, thanks very much for posting Smile
Thanks for the reply! Smile

Also, you are still in need of "photos of the world"/ countries to fill up the country bar?
I would be happy to help if you need it! ^^
(11-02-2015 11:23 AM)DaftKoala Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the reply! Smile

Also, you are still in need of "photos of the world"/ countries to fill up the country bar?
I would be happy to help if you need it! ^^

We've got all the images we require now thanks. Just putting the final touches to all the destruction and devastation etc!
Oh, nice to hear! Looking forward to the next updates Smile
Amazing .... truely amazing, the pictures are really nicely done ! continue on that way !
Wow, awesome pictures! Everything is cool: fonts, icons, ideas and location of new HUD elements.
Would be realy nice to see this implemented!
Love the game! Check out my new scenario The Modified Chickenpox-OFFICIAL
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