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Full Version: (Scenario) Rise of the Planet of the Apes
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This scenario changes the balance and skills on Simian Flu, changing the game pace and offering ya the chance to take more of the middle stages of the plague. It will be harder to spread it but it will stick in more time, be harder to cure and make intelligent monkeys a real asset. Overall changes:

[Image: TWlHBon.jpg]

[Image: 1QtszAB.jpg]

[Image: 5FIOUA5.jpg]

* New technology tree with new skills, icons and descriptions.
* Symptom progression system: it will grow and mutate from simple infections to lethal ones respecting a lethality level. Research slowers are positioned in a way you have to make your evolution up to have it.
* Monkey stealth levels raised to lv4, making high-end techs protect ape colonies and making them invulnerable to drone attacks.
* Mutation rates decreased
* New skill: Sub-Atomic Mutation: Deep DNA mutation makes cure barely impossible. It cost a lot and is meant to be a endgame skill.
* Ability Interconnection: Following different paths will still give results: If you focus in stealth, theres infection skills in the middle of the way.


Subscribe via Steam or download the folder and move it to:
Users\<YOURNAME>\AppData\Local\Ndemic Creations\Plague Inc. Evolved\Scenario Creator

Cheers o/
Nice work! Can you provide the link to it in Steam so that people can easily go straight to it and subscribe?
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