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Full Version: necroa virus desease stats
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hi guys i have some questions about the necroa virus.

ok so all deseases have infectivity, sevirity and lethality. but i notice some differences

1. at renamination does infectivity have any effect?

2. what does the sevirity really increase?

3. does lethality speed up the zombie decaying speed?

4. some symptomps like bone dysplaysia and naja mortis increase combat ability. wats the purpose of combat ability? it doesnt incrase any disease stats. or maybe does it actually weaken the zcom?

sorry typos, too lazy to write
1. Not much.

2. Severity is how fast zombies kill people.

3. Lethality has nothing to do with decay rate.

4. Combat ability is very important to fight Z-Com. A must have.
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