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Full Version: Realistic Mode + Cinematics
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I noticed the boats can carry the virus from under the world to the top, this can take days in reality and a virus cant survive that.

1. Due to weather condition
2. Virus does not survive days in a box (Got this from the movie Contagion)

This only counts for boats.

The country that the boat is going to must be reachable in reality within 24 hours for a successful infection.

Cinematics would also be cool (Short videos of current country situation)
For example: Short video of people rushing into the stores, stealing eachothers supplys, Labratory Videos and government shooting civilians, national guard putting citys in quarantine, Military closing Airport and Boats .... (In some game modes also Napalm Strikes by Jets)
I understand what your saying but bear in mind this is a game so not everything should be and cannot be realistic
But someone on the boat could be infected with the disease Wink
So no cinematics?
I agree rickblack28, but Gamer01000 has a point. you can see the slow progression of the pathogen you created (which I think is pretty interesting) through the pictures, but at the same time you have to think of those people with different ideas (like the many players on this forum).
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