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Full Version: Do you have to kill 100% to win?
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I just lost a game where my virus killed 7.091 billion people, which is more than 99% of the world population, but I lost because all the infected host died.

I remember in the tablet version of the game, I won by killing almost everyone "the last few survivors have resigned to their fate, humanity is lost"..something like that.

So in Plague Evolved, do you have to achieve 100% to win?
Yes, with a few exceptions. You can beat the neurax worm by infecting everyone and having them worship the neurax worm (transcendence symptom) and there is a way to get the apes and humans to live together peacefully in simian flu. But the vast majority of the time, yes, you have to kill everyone.
Yeah with Simian Flu you don't have to kill everyone, you only have to reduce the human population to less than the intelligent ape population.
Apparently so, it sounds a bit unfair though.
How usually you guys get 56,534 people alive and lose the game Tongue
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