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Full Version: I need help with the Scenario Creator
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Hey I am a 14 Year old and pretty new to the scenario Creator. At the moment I am working at a cat disease. So i created an alternate event which shows a different Text at the end but sadly i don't know how to change a certain symptom. I want to use it like the neurax worm symptom so that people stop working on a cure and are obsessed with cats and when the hole world is infected you instantly win. Sadly i haven't been able to find out how to do that and also i tried to put in symptoms like trojan planes which didn't really work either. Do i have to choose a neurax worm for that? Thanks for considering my questions. Please keep working on this great game Smile
You do need the Neurax Worm for this. You need to do two things after that. First, make sure it's set to where you have it on 'win the scenario by evolving' and for your case, you'd need that on to change the text at the end (FYI I had that same problem at the beginning). Finally, it's automatically set to when you evolve Transcendence, you win. You can also click on the names of the transmissions/symptoms/abilities so you can tailor them to your liking.
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