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Full Version: Official Plague Inc. t-shirts now available!
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You can now buy official Plague Inc. t-shirts! Ndemic has partnered with Ntensify to create an exciting range, hope you think they are cool Smile

Check out our Store to see the different designs.

[Image: 650-2015-05-18-03-Merchandise-promo.png]

If you have any other suggestions for T-shirt designs or other merchandise please get in touch using our feedback form.

I cant wait til my next paycheck omg
Some really badass shirts.
I'd rather be devoted to these shirts than a Neurax worm lol :smile:
So great, this color t-shirt I like very much
I'm going to buy Neurax and maybe Biohazard (Biohazard hmm just another t-shirt with a biohazard sign).. but Neurax is so great !
Wow..Some really cool stuff out there. Super excited to grab some.
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