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Hello, pathological murderers. Upon looking through the multiple posts suggesting new ways to infect, contaminate, murder, control, and even aid humanity through various means, I have decided that a comprehensive list of ideas would help to sort out the ideas and aid in the propagation of new ones. So, here it is. I will update it as often as possible, but mind that this could be missing some (if so, do notify me and I will update it ASAP). Any other suggestions, comments, or requests are always welcome. Anything in the brackets are the original proprietors to the idea, so give thanks to them! P.S. Many of these ideas have been reduced from their full explanations, so that they could be listed more efficiently. If any of the snipping led to a misunderstanding or the belief that something was missed, notify me and I will update it ASAP

UPDATE: WOW. So many ideas have poured in, and I've been so busy with other stuff that I've been delayed in updating this. With all of this I may have missed some things, so be sure to let me know if I did!

Infection types:
  • Computer virus: A malware program gone berserk, bring global infrastructure to it's knees and end the age of computers, or evolve symptoms to harm the people who interact with it (http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=20)
  • Probiotic: Murdering gets old after a few times, so why not try to aid humanity in the race to overcome deadly pathogens (agentexeider)
  • Nanite Plague: Consume everything in you're path while humanity attempts to control you (emeseles)
  • Extraterrestrial Plague: Life unlike anything we've seen before, who knows what brought it, where it came from, or what (who?) sent it. (JMoura)
  • Reversal Mode: Play as a government trying to keep you're country under control in the times of infection. (http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=49)
  • Conjunctivitis: Also known as pink eye, it is an inflamation of the outermost layer of the eye and inner surface of the eyelids (increased visibility/severity and infection rate) (kajoman)
  • Hydrophobia: An extreme fear of water, can cause accidental drowning if victim is forced to drink and dehydration if not (High severity, High lethality) (kajoman)
  • Temporary Relapse: Victim temporarily loses symptoms, but symptoms recur after a period of time (Reduced visibility/severity, Reduced evolution response) (kajoman)
  • Osteoporosis: Decrease in bone mass and density leads to increased chance of injury (Reduced cure rate) (kajoman)
  • ADHD/OCD: Infected exhibit behaviors that inhibit social interaction and work ethic. (Reduced Cure rate, Increased Severity) (GoldenAce)
  • Hyperthyroidism: Thyroid glands release uncontrolled amounts of hormones, leading to hyperactivity and possible burnout (Increased Severity, Increased Lethality?) (GoldenAce)
  • Hypothyroidism: Thyroid glands are damaged beyond repair, and produce much less hormones than they should. Reduced metabolism can eventually lead to death (Increased Severity, Increased Lethality) (GoldenAce)
  • Hydrophilia: An intense pleasure to be with, immersed in, or in contact with water can cause unusual behavior and even possible death by drowning (Increased Severity, Increased Lethality) (GoldenAce)
  • Narcolepsy: Infected occasionally fall asleep, but can appear awake the entire time. Can lead to accidents. (Increased Severity/Lethality/Research Time)
Gameplay Additions:
  • Pop-Up option to reduce game play interruption with messages not pausing the game (Chezzy)
  • Pathogen creator to allow for modding (Chezzy, Hollow)
  • Ability to see incompletely infected countries (LiquidBacon)
  • Achievement for beating all plagues on Mega-Brutal (LiquidBacon)
  • Pull country information before starting infection (StormFireX)
  • Return to last accessed window in disease menu on reentry (StormFireX)
  • Custom Soundtrack implementation (StormFireX)
  • Holdover tool tips to bring up country information (StormFireX)
  • More events like plane hijacks, wars, crashes etc. (Hollow)
  • Ability to use own disease in PvP/Co-op modes (Hollow)
  • Population movement (Hollow)
  • Human vs. Pathogen mode (DeadlyJellyfish)
  • Cheat Plagues with Normal Plague (GoldenAce)
  • Exportable Replays (Chezzy)
  • Policy system with interactivity (Thrawn)
  • Map Editor (Many, Many People)
  • Increased symptom tree (Hollow)
  • Realistic view of visual pathogen spreading (Jefrey91)
  • More global movement points (ex. airports, docks) (Jefrey91)
  • Colour pallet for our infections (Hollow)
  • Dual part virus (nomad005)
  • Incubation period (nomad005)
  • Penalties for crossing incompatible symptoms (nomad005)
  • Increased pathogen diversity (Edzi07)
  • Evolved traits manifesting in a physical form on our pathogen (FireCorn)
  • Plant based infection (Jmoura) and vectors through plants (Jmoura and FireCorn)
  • THIS GUYS IDEAS: (http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=41)
  • More representative achievement stripes (the "itis")
  • Better final effect on successful runs (the "itis")
  • Last ditch plan of humanity (Arterron2)
  • Ability Combos (Such as atmospheric transmission) (FireCorn and JMoura)

Good idea to make a mater list, so let the ideas FLOW! Actually, one idea is the have a few more psychiogical symptoms with the physical, such as craziness, Extream ADHD/OCD, and symptoms that can attack certain body parts such as the thiroid (hyper\hypothirodisim - too much/not enough thriod Harmon's being produced) or liver (pathogen can form and decompose in liver and cause fermentation, acting as high amounts of alcohol). And to combat hydrophobia, why not hydrophilia? Host could want to go to places with a lot of water and even risk life to get to it? Anyway, my ideas for this game, like most I have, are weird ones Wink


Thanks a lot for doing this! Really helpful for us to see what features / additions are being requested.
diversified simptomps according to the patogen?
And how about a plague from other planet?
This appears interesting :
I would very much love to see a bit more diversity around what makes each infection different. So far it just seems to be a little harder in a tiny aspect fixed by the specialized ability given. But each infections have same transmission, symptoms, and the non-specialized abilities (except neurax worm).

Though I've yet to unlock it via the PC version, the phones version has it so the cheat modes are just basic bacteria, would be good to have cheat on the others, especially the neurax worm as it's unlike the others completely.

P.S Quick edit - A right click to devolve would be good. Myself and a couple of friends have a habit of double clicking to get the devolve menu up, but instead buying something as we're devolving so many we don't look properly and the colour difference between bought and available isn't really that much. This happened a lot between the transaction from spreading to killing. This is especially annoying when you're selling one or two for the exact amount to buy something which could be the difference between winning and loosing, but instead wasting points by mistake which results in losing.

Quick edit 2 - When developing neurax worm the picture has it increase in size on a brain, which is pretty cool. But other the others just have replications in the background. It would be good to see a change based both on the infection itself -as it's already done for the base image-, and/or what transmissions/symptoms/abilities you buy.
If you could even change how your plague will look (not the same bacteria picture over and over again) and you could really see the (in this case) bacteria change if you evolve it. That would really blow my mind.
(07-03-2014 05:43 PM)FireCor Wrote: [ -> ]If you could even change how your plague will look (not the same bacteria picture over and over again) and you could really see the (in this case) bacteria change if you evolve it. That would really blow my mind.

This. Customized for creating in Scenario-Pathogen Creator.

How about plants and vegetables be infected / become toxics?
(07-03-2014 06:53 PM)JMour Wrote: [ -> ]How about plants and vegetables be infected / become toxics?

That would be an amazing "water" upgrade. That the plague survives when the water gets sucked up by plants and sticks around in the plant.
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