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Full Version: Gene effect in numbers!
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I would like to know how strong effect the genes have? It would help me a lot. Thanks!

I measured the effectivness of environmental genes and i got an interesting result!!!
The way i measured it:
[spoiler]Made a custom scenario only with the event lab. Disabled all events. Made a custom event that shows a pop-up (and pauses the game) when there's everybody infected in the starting country.
I begun in Saudi arabia with no genes (only environmental)
(with bacteria on casual)
Waited until the popup popped up
Not evolved anything and devolved all mutations right when they mutated so no infectivity change was made
Results: (later will be more)
Saudi Arabia
No environmental gene: 288 days to infect
Extremophile: 285 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xerophile: 238 days

Effectivness in arid countries
Extremophile: + 1%
Xerophile: + 7.5%
Nice investigative work Wink
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