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Full Version: How to beat Bacteria on Normal
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My disease, AJ-12, got eradicated in 2,046 days and the cure effort only got to 43%.

-Begin in India
-Buy all Drug resistance, Genetic Hardening and Genetic ReShuffling traits
-Buy Cold Resistance 1 and 2
-Buy Air 1, Water 1 and Mosquito in Transmission
-After the whole world has been infected:
-Wait until you have over 50 DNA points and buy Coughing, Pneumonia, Pulmonary -Fibrosis and Total Organ failure (all at once), devolving the past symptom as you -buy each if you don’t have enough.
-Devolve all transmission traits, and cold resistance.
-Buy the Coma symptom.
-Use the rest of DNA points, if you have any left, to buy other symptoms, increasing severity and lethality.
*If any symptom is mutated automatically, instantly devolve it to avoid attracting any attention.

In the end, all the symptoms I had, in case you want to follow my strategy exactly, were:
-Pulmonary Fibrosis
-Total Organ Failure
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