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Full Version: Either/or trait pathing
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I'm new to the scenario creator so hopefully this isn't a really dumb question...

I was wondering if there is any way to set up traits so that the player is given two (or more) traits to choose from, but once they make a decision the other option is effectively removed. For example, one set of symptoms leads to despair, insanity, suicide, etc. while the other choice leads to aggressive traits. I'd like to make it so that it's only possible for the disease to use one of these options.

If it's not possible, is there any chance of this becoming a feature in the future?
I'm also looking for that kind of trait-dependency.

Hopefully something like that will be implemented.
I was looking for trail pathing similar although not disabling another route but rather having - Trait required either - and trait required 'and either' -


Choice between either trait 1 or trait 2
Combined with choice of either trait 3 or trait 4
To unlock trait 5

So 1 and 4 unlock 5
And 2 and 3 unlock 5
2 and 4 unlock 5
1 and 3 unlock 5

With trait 5 requiring
Either - 1 or 2
And either - 3 or 4

At the moment restricted to just either alone or combined with an indefinately required trait(s).

But additionally as badger requested

Trait Locks - Which trait to lock when trait is evolved.
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