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Full Version: New alternative Simian Flu back story Acheivment
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Acheivement: Olivers Twist -
Objective - Slow cure research with spoof circus event
Starting location - Russia

First evolution - Ape Escape in under 60 days
Devolve symptoms and Wait for news report

-Circus announce 'humanzee' star attraction
Evolve social cohesion

Wait for news report - devolve symptoms
-Humanzee sensation global sucess

Devolve symptoms, Wait for new report
-ten thousand offered for a night alone with humanzee
Evolve Hominade bridge

From this point onwards when disease is noticed a pop-up will occurr stating that alz originated from interspecies relations with the humanzee, slightly slowing cure research and unlocking Acheivment 'Olivers Twist'

Based on true events.
Oliver being the name of the alleged humanzee

Many thanks. Very drunk. I hope you like. Good night.

Additional Acheivment : I am Ape
Objective : Free Oliver from the Circus

Follow above instructions, When news report global sensation appears. Evolve ape rampage and rampage Russia. News report appears - humanzee escapes circus in Russia - pop up appears stating oliver was rescued from the circus by fellow apes and has become a martyr of vengeance among his pears, boosting ape aggression vs humans unlocking acheivement - I am ape

Just a thought, because it's kind of cool necroa has many backing story's. Would be cool if simian flu had one too
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