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Full Version: Evolution 15 - Multiplayer VS mode!
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We are really excited to announce that Competitive Multiplayer is now live in Plague Inc: Evolved! It is time to take your genetic strategy to a whole new level.

In VS. mode the world is unlucky enough to be infected by two deadly plagues that are battling for control of the world. Whoever infects the world first wins but you must also avoid being cured by humanity or prematurely eradicated by the other player!

[Image: 122-2015-11-32-28-main-capsule-multiplayer.png]

There are many ways to become the ultimate plague. Will you spread slowly, stay under the radar and let humanity and your enemy battle it out, or be aggressive, fight the cure and use total organ failure to gather huge amounts of DNA? Or maybe you should focus all your efforts hunting down the other plague in order to wipe it out before it can spread at all. The genetic strategies are vast!

Players get all new evolutions, abilities and genes to help them in their struggle for dominance, as well as slowing their opponent. Single player was just the start of the outbreak:
  • Unscheduled flight sends a plane full of infected people to a far off country
  • Immune shock overloads the immune system of people infected with both diseases - rapidly killing millions
  • Genetic Exposure lets you help humans develop a cure against your opponent.
  • And much more...
We are also going to be experimenting on the Plague Inc. community by infecting James, the creator of the game, with a special Multiplayer achievement. Anyone that plays him will "catch" the achievement, and be able to spread it to others in turn. Keep an eye out for Ndemic James in the Multiplayer lobby...

Thanks to all our beta testers over the last few months. Everyone that has participated will get the "Beta Infection" Achievement which can also be transmitted to other players. Keep an eye out for the new Multiplayer disease types and genes Wink

[Image: 36-2015-06-25-36-end-is-here.jpg]

The update also includes lots of other features, including:
  • 5 New achievements (not just multiplayer)
  • Korean language added
  • New City Cam images
  • Lots of minor tweaks/fixes to the core game and Scenario Creator
Now VS multiplayer is released - we will be working on COOP multiplayer and fixing / polishing various things before releasing the game and leaving Early Access in early 2016. Not long to go now Smile


P.S. Good luck battling to genetically dominate each other. May the best plague win Tongue

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update 0.9 full change log

Main Game
New Additions
  • Multiplayer VS. Mode!
  • New achievements, including 4 new Multiplayer ones
  • Final Flavour images added
  • Korean language
  • Audio volume levels (e.g. Ring of Roses Audio)
  • Added custom error message for UGC when Steam servers are not running.
  • Updated text for cheat and some achievements (e.g. Volcanic Ash)
  • Pressing Esc when have News bar open should close it
  • Fixes to achievements linked to pop-ups; now linked to game actions (evolve your disease)
  • Prefab fix for shrink for some buttons that were missing them
  • Minor fix to credits scrolling
  • 1/2/3 Game speed hotkeys fix on replay screen
  • Portuguese language all in one option now
  • Minor text fixes/updates

Scenario Creator
  • Scenario tags from SC now matching Steam workshop
  • Text strings seem to be missing in enum expressions - fixed.
  • Locking a disease type doesn't work - fixed.
  • Event lab - conditioning on populations doesn't seem to work - fixed.
  • Event lab - conditioning on enums doesn't work - fixed.
  • Country names show identifier in main event lab view - fixed.
  • Translations for custom scenarios don't work for standard events - fixed.
  • Lock Difficulty bug - fixed.
  • Default language always English - fixed.

Change log for previous evolution can be found here: Evolution 14
Already got 3/5 new achievments!
What's the 5th new one?
(The not mp one)
(01-12-2015 08:57 PM)kon Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome!
Already got 3/5 new achievments!
What's the 5th new one?
(The not mp one)

"Future is Bright"
I was wondering would multiplayer ever go as far as doing the simian flu against eachother where you will end up with two different ape tribes trying to kill eachother, or making the scenario editor support multiplayer maps? (and the ability to add abilities and such?)
What about more plague types for multiplayer? Especially a Necroa Virus. Two zombie armies destroys humanity in the same time... it may be AWESOME!
Multiplayer is so dope I can't believe it!!! Thanks for the share Wink
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