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Full Version: Future changes/plans/ideas
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So Ndemic just announced the new IOS and Android update, and I was thinking about all the things we want to change/added/removed and all the things we like of course!

In the update coming somewhere next week or the week after, they will be adding a new cheat (double starting countries), a new AI (which is almost always a good thing), a tutorial for the newbies (finally, although not necessary for the most of us) and the new headlines. (also ndemic said that the update contained a hint or some sort of spoiler for the upcoming big update)

So I though that maybe we can make some sort of list with things we want to see in the future, also to help Ndemic a bit Wink

Hope to hear from ya'll and here is an already short list of things I personally would really like to see in the update:

-Multiplayer you and a friend vs the world
-more special symptoms per pathogen (bacteria virus etc.)
-more special diseases (next to neurax worm and necroa)
Perhaps, they could make an actual Cordyceps fungus affect, it could be implemented as subdivisions of existing pathogens.
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