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Full Version: Is there a way to kill uninfected people separately with a symptom?
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Is there a way to create a custom symptom in which infected people kill uninfected people so that it has a lethality to uninfected people of x?
I figured what I'd do was create an event that triggered daily, which caused the number of uninfected people in each country to rise by a certain amount, and kill that same amount of uninfected people.
As debugging, I triggered the event with a custom symptom, had it (in order):
1: infect 5 people
2: show a popup for debugging purposes
3: kill 5 people.
This event was to trigger every 2 days.

Now, the popup did work, but nobody died, and nobody extra got infected, so the actual event failed.
So what I'm asking, how do I make my event work, so that I can improve it? Or is there a simpler way to do this?


P.S. see attached for the symptom and the event. I copy/pasted only the relevant sections, edited nothing by using the .txt files themselves

Edit: I do not want to use zombies, nor do I want to use simian flu

Edit 2: and I'm an idiot. Turns out, I used total infected, not infected in country, so it went and picked a random country (usually New Zealand, I think). So now people are killed every iteration (every 2 days), but only in one random country per iteration. how do I get this to target every country where the conditions hold true per iteration, and not just 1 country?
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