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Full Version: Neurax Worm Symptom Combos
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Currently, there are no symptom combos for the Neurax Worm plague type. I'm curious, is there a specific reason for that? Do you plan on adding symptom combos for the Neurax Worm? I am aware that the Santa's Little Helper scenario has two unique symptom combos of its own, but I was thinking of symptom combos for the plague itself.

I think it might be a neat thing to consider, although I understand that more minor features such as what I am suggesting are perhaps currently of lower priority, considering that the team is likely very busy with developing the new special plague at the moment.

Anyway, just figured I'd put that out there. I just thought it somewhat odd that the Neurax Worm lacks any symptoms combos of its own, although I certainly do understand that the Ndemic team cannot possibly add everything that players suggest or want to the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a happy New Year! Wink
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