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Full Version: What's Your Vote for the Hardest Official Scenario?
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What is your vote for the most challenging and difficult official scenario in Plague Inc. & Plague Inc: Evolved? Why do you consider it the hardest? What reasons do you have?

Mine is definitely the Smallpox scenario. Between the country vaccination events, the high starting severity & lethality of the disease and how quickly the cure progresses, I still have yet to legitimately complete Smallpox. Confused I hope to do so soon however.

Shut Down Everything is also a significant challenge if you are not playing Fungus or Neurax Worm, though it is nowhere near as difficult to me as Smallpox.
Smallpox by a mile - Santa's little helper on mega was hard tho but nowhere near as hard as Smallpox.
Global Warming... for me at least Smile Been trying for more than 6 months to get 3 bio-hazards on mega brutal with Prion & Necroa and still no success (or maybe the scenarios are bugged). Smallpox and Golden Age are also quite challenging, but not that difficult if you're a little lucky when it comes to random mutations
I was going to vote Xenophobia or Shut Down Everything, but then I remembered the Neruax Worm's trojan planes, which get of that. I dunno why, but Santa's Little Helper was always difficult for me.

still hasn't been cleared.
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