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Full Version: Multiplayer coop desync issue
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So, i have this problem and was hoping for an advice.

I was trying MP coop with a friend of mine but the game keeps desyncing us (error about internet connection) and therefore makes it unable for us to complete even a single run. I would be thankful for any advice.

We tried basic things to remedy this issue: reinstall of the game, turn off steam cloud sync, restart steam... but none worked and no, its not our internet because both steam and teamspeak are running no problem while this issue is happening (and its happening EVERY single game, right around the time our plagues get discovered and we go lethal with symptoms). Also, we can play other games both on steam and outside of steam no problem.

Also, my friend is running Windows 8.1 and i am running Linux Mint 17.1

Edit: So i tried a quick match with random person and the desync issue was there as well (and again around the time we both got discovered and started killing people / mutating symptoms
Linux to PC was having some issues but we should be implementing a fix very soon, it's being worked on as we speak.

Thanks for letting us know. Look out for the next update Smile
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