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Full Version: Plague Inc Multiplayer: Add more Plagues from Singleplayer;new goal about dead people
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I bought Plague Inc evolved for PC a few days ago, and its a really great game.
I tried the Multiplayer today and was very sad when i saw that there are only 3 desease types.

It would be cool if you could add some, or if possible all desease types.
Necroa virus will be a wierd one, because a lot of people die if you try to win with zombies. Here my second suggestion would be nice:

Change the multiplayer winning goal from "Infect everyone" to "Kill everyone" The plague that killed the most people, and survives to the end wins. if you kill the enemy plague by killing all the humans that carry the enemy plague then you win too. just like in single player.

You could imagine the healthy people as being infected by the enemy plague, just to get an idea of how it could/should work.

That should make lethality a bit more needed in multiplayer,because at this point you can just play it safe: sell all symptoms , and win, but with lethality things get harder.
just bumping
Completely agree, most kills needs to be done in MP
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