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Full Version: Necroa constantly remutating
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Necroa mutated insomnia and I devolved it, then almost immediately it remutated. So I devolved it again. Again, it remutated almost immediately. And again. And again.

It's like the game just decided "Nope, you don't get a choice; this symptom is gonna be a thing now and you can just deal."

If this is intentional, just say the word. I'll get over it. But it doesn't seem like something that would be an intentional mechanic and I know other people have had this problem as well.

(inb4 git gud)
If you have any genes or bought any Transmissions or Abilities that increase your mutation chance, plus Necroa's volatile mutation rate, it's quite likely for mutations to happen very often with this Disease type. Necroa generally isn't very well-suited to the 'Stealth' tactic
It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, it'll happen no matter what. I've had it happen with the Creationist gene on and no evolutions boosting mutation. Again, it doesn't always happen, but it seems to be a possibility no matter what. Curiously, it only seems to happen if Insomnia mutates. I've never had it happen with Hyper Salivation.
Ok, so yesterday I ran through a couple times to get some data.
Creationist gene on. Only evolutions are Cold 1 & 2 (cuz I was getting impatient).

Game 1 of 2
Insomnia first mutates @ 2-6-2017. Further mutations @:
31-7-2017 (ran out of DNA to devolve here)
Total of 4 additional mutations over 2 month period after Insomnia first mutates.

Game 2 of 2
Added Cytochrome Surge gene for increased DNA, and so more data points.
Hyper Salivation mutates @ 30-3-2019. Devolved without issue.
Insomnia mutates @ 1-7-2021. Further mutations @:
26-3-2022 (ran out of DNA to devolve here)
Total of 13 additional mutations over 8 month period after Insomnia first mutates.

The trigger appears to be the first time Insomnia mutates. It's never happened until that happens. Once the remutation cascade begins, either symptom can mutate, but the cascade will continue even if Hyper Salivation mutates.
Thanks for this data, this is really useful. We'll have a look and see whether something is actually going wrong there Smile

Thanks again
Insomnia and Hyper Salivation are "forced mutations" for necroa - it'll mutate those two unless you have researched one of:
insomnia, hyper salivation, cytopathic reanimation or genetic reshuffle 2.

When you say "the cascade will continue even if Hyper Salivation mutates" - that should make it just as likely as any other mutation (but given insomnia's a starter tech it's always possible to mutate it)

Note that de-evolving all those techs will cause it to bias to insomnia again, but if you keep genetic reshuffle 2 active it should be the normal chance of mutation (as per any other disease)
Come to think of it, I too have noticed this tendency to mutate one of the two beginning symptoms repeatedly. As was mentioned in this thread, it usually seems to be Insomnia that mutates for some odd reason.
Answered above as to why this happens. There are only two symptoms you can mutate early on, and once you devolve, the chances of it remutating is higher than the standard mutation chance. There are things you can evolve to decrease this mutation.
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