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Full Version: Custom scenarios won't download
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Whenever I try to download a scenario, it looks like it's downloading for a brief moment, then the slot goes back to being empty, prompting me to download again.
Same here.
Have the same problem! Sad
Please submit a report through this form so we can troubleshoot with you properly - could be a lot of issues causing it.
Same here ... sent in a report via website as well. Really irritating
Im having the same issue as well, really disappointed

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Same problem! It’s been occurring for me for several months now.
I even tried deleting then reinstalling it, and it still wouldn’t work, not happy to say the least.

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Thanks for getting in touch, everyone. Please do report these issues through our troubleshooting form as the cause of this is dependent on your device and OS details among other things.
Every time I try to download a custom scenario, it loads for a bit and then cacels.
A lot of money gone to waste
April 2019
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