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Full Version: Buying DLC for mobile questions & Evolved vs mobile.
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1. I've heard that buying any DLC unlocks the premium, is that true? Does it mean if I buy the DLC for ~2$ (I don't know what's the exact price in dollars, 1,99?) I don't have to buy Premium to speed up time etc.?

2. Which DLCs do you suggest to buy and why? You can recommend up to two DLCs but I'll probably end up buying just one (no, I'm not bothered to unlock diseases by beating Brutal, I don't want to use guides I just play casually).

3. What are the additions of Plague Inc. Evolved over mobile version (because I might want to buy that on Steam Sale additionally to mobile premium/dlc)?
Yes, buying a DLC will unlock premium.
Personally I suggest you don't buy any DLCs because 1 dollar is a lot of money.
I don't have Plague Inc. Evolved either. Fu**... I'm replying to myself.
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