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Full Version: Simian Master achievement doesn't unlock.
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As per title, Simian Master achievement states one has to complete the Simian Flu on Mega Brutal. Well, I have done so quite a while ago and, I automatically assumed I'd have the achievement but, I don't. I thought it was odd as the Mega Brutal symbol is on the Simian Flu button when starting a new game indicating (I thought) that I'd already completed it on Mega Brutal. Anyway I played it again and (eventually) beat it once more on Mega Brutal and the achievement still didn't unlock when the game completed. So, just to be absolutely sure I managed to beat it yet again on Mega Brutal and once again, it didn't unlock.

Here's the achievement incomplete list, showing Simian Master as locked:


And here's the selection screen showing that I clear have beaten the Simian Flu on Mega Brutal:


I checked in the actual Game Centre achievement list for the game too and it's not unlocked there either. This is on version 1.13.2 of the game, using iPhone 5S with iOS 10.1.1 incidentally. Cheers!
Nearly two months later and not even an acknowledgement? Do you guys even bother to read these forums?Huh
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