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Full Version: [A few scenario suggestions]
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So I just heard about the new Vampire scenario, I think its great. Now I like that there's Neurax worm, Zombie, POTA, and Vampire specials... However, where is the werewolf scenario at, I think the dev team does some amazing work with the scenario generator, but while they did give the workshop access to the creation kit, most well-based scenarios are not well done. So I was thinking, why not have two new supernatural themed plagues; Werewolf, and a multiplayer Werewolf vs. Vampire mode. And just like how the Simian flu mode I would love to see a xenomorph mode in conjunction with the new Alian film coming out (Alian: Covanant), also in that mode it'd be nice to have it have two sections of progress, as your hive grows in size the marines will look into taking it down, ass you grow more and start a second hive the predators notice and you not only have to fight off the easily killed marines but also take out the predator forces and even create a Predalian. I hope you guys agree with some of these suggestions, I'd love to see these in game one day as official game modes.

Oh and one more thing, maybe when The Last of Us 2 comes closer to release doing one where you control the fungal based necroa infection and maybe collaborate with Naughty Dog on creating the scenario.
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