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Full Version: Werewolf Plague
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After the scenario creator was first released, the two most popular ideas seemed to be vampires and werewolves, since they're some of the most popular "infectious" horror creatures(except zombies, but those already had an in-game plague type).

Now, we already have vampires, but do you think werewolves should be next, given how popular they are as well? Any ideas for what that might be like?

Most importantly, how do you think the werewolves would function as creatures? Do you think they'd be like the zombies(special creatures that were once infected humans but are now in a separate category from them), the vampires(there's only a few of the creatures and you control them individually, and they're massively powerful by human standards and spread the plague wherever they go), the apes(a completely different species from the humans but still relevant to the plague), something else entirely, or some mix of the above(such as having thousands, millions, or eventually billions of werewolves to control like zombies, and only one or a few "alpha werewolves" that are controlled like the vampires)?

Also, what do you think the potential endings would be like? Obviously there's always the "kill everybody" option, but an ending for infecting everybody and making them loyal to you is something often used in Plague Inc, and it would suit a werewolf scenario pretty well. Given how many different interpretations of werewolves there are, there might even be more than two victory conditions.

Finally, given the different interpretations of werewolves, how do you think these traits would fit into the game? I imagine the shapeshifting powers would fit pretty well into the abilities section(a humanoid form to hide in urban areas, a wolf form to hide in rural areas and possibly travel across land, a big "monster" form that can destroy research bases, et cetera), but how would the "full moon" fit in? Maybe just a sudden infectivity jump every month, with little infectivity the rest of the time? (And then of course that adds the mechanic of only transforming on full moons by default, but being able to unlock abilities that let you transform more frequently.) And would there be some type of Templar/Z Com type organization that you have to destroy before they destroy you?

Do you think a werewolf plague might be added into the game someday? And if so, what do you think it might be like, and are there any features that you think would be fun to have in it? This has been a common custom plague type since the beginning of the scenario creator, so I think it would be really fun if it got implemented into the main game someday.

(And while I only made this account today, I've been a fan of the game since Jacksepticeye started playing it, I just didn't know about the forum until now. This probably isn't the ideal time to post given that not much has been happening with the game in a while, so it's not getting much attention right now, but whatever.)
I actaully think this would be a good idea! however, it would have to be different from
the other plagues. I think it could have something to do with a full moon...
We have had a lot of people love the idea of a werewolf plague. While we're not ruling it out, it's not something we're working on right now. Keep your fingers (claws?) crossed though and maybe it will happen one day!
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