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Full Version: Moving Populations Help
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Hello Plague Inc players,

I need help with moving population. I'm trying to make an event that happens if a country's population drops below 25%, and there are still healthy people, they move to a healthy or healthier country. I have figured out how to get the percentage down, but I don't know how to make the healthy population to another healthy country. It would be great if anyone could help! Thank you!
There is a way to do this!
It might take a bit of trial and error but here's how you do it:
You need to set up a game event that triggers when the population of the country you want to move drops to below 25% in which the remaining population is subtracted from that country and then added to another country. It's tricky, especially if you want to apply it to all countries instead of one or two specific ones, but it can be done!

If you need further assistance probably bets to drop us a line through scenario creator support so we can troubleshoot with you. https://www.ndemiccreations.com/en/1-support
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