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Full Version: Plague.inc evolved Scenario Editor features
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I had a suggestion (I know, who doesn't?).

But I believe that the scenario creator is being held back substantially because the plague lab lacks the ability to combine the different special abilities of the plagues. I realize that the game probably can't handle all the abilities at once without stability issues.

So, perhaps you can add an ability selector (with the creator having to select between mutually exclusive abilities). For example; if the maker want to combine the simian flu and necroa virus's abilities, they will have to select between either the ape move ability and the zombie move ability (not both).

I think this addition would make the scenario editor much more popular and increase the game's value significantly.
There could be a advanced mode(for changing GFX,altering countries borders,adding effects,changing the map colors,etc) for experienced coders, it would opens a whole new world of possibilities.
Not only should you be allowed to combine both or either special or standard plague types, you should ALSO be allowed to combine scenarios, both or either official or custom fan-made community scenarios, as well as the different genes for your plague's pre-loaded genetic code as well, whether it is a special plague type or a standard plague type, or even both. I personally think and feel that ALL of this would make the game even more exciting and amazing to play.
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