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Full Version: Multiplayer mode
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I have a suggestion for a multiplayer mode. it can be like a 1 v 5 thing with 5 plagues competing to kill off humanity and one person trying to devote resources as they become available to fight off the different infections. the savior guy gets no resources till a disease is detected and only can devote what ever is given to him on a limited basis and some funds will be restricted to one disease or another depending on the priority of the country and also the labs will be in different countries and again they will each be restricted and some will be unrestricted. the other 5 will work together and against each other at the same time. they will all be competing to completely kill off humanity and competing against each other on who can infect and kill more people. You could also make a separate single player mode called savior where he has to fight off say 5-10 diseases with limited resources.
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