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Full Version: OK, can we already have a full official guide from Ndemic about Scenario Creator now?
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Well, first of all, I'm not sure if this thread should be here or in the Suggestions forum (maybe I'll be posting in both forums), but really, I'm just trying to figure out how does the Events Lab works and how to use Custom Variables for days up until now, but I couldn't find ANYTHING trully usefull about it. I only the basics of the basics about the Events Lab and I think it's not cool Ndemic doesn't have any official guide for the Scenario Creator or at least the Events Lab. I want to figure out what are and how the Custom Variables work, aswell as trying to make a Scenario that you can begin a war between infected people and healthy people, making them kill each ohter (And I DON'T want to use Necroa Virus or the Shadow Plague for this. I want to keep things simple and without any signal of any of these Special Plagues), but no matter how much I search on Google or any other website about how to do this, nobody seems to have a definitive answer for my questions. And not only me, but many other Plague Inc. players are also making so many questions about the Scenario Creator and mainly the Events Lab. So, considering that maybe nobody is gonna give us a real answer about this so soon, can Ndemic please write an official full guide for the Scenario Creator or at least the Events Lab so we can finally have all of our questions aswered and maybe some of us create real good custom scenarios for Plague Inc (I'm tired of Custom Scenarios that poorly (no offense to the creators. I know it isn't their fault) try to simulate physical conflits by making the infected being dead by their own disease due to self implemented lethality and not by a real fight against the military forces or whatever the creators want it to be)? I would appreciate very much if this ever comes to happen.

Or at least someone who knows how to do it can give me some help so other players could read this answer and use this new knowledge to have more freedom to make their own scenarios?

Sorry for my possible bad english.
I agree; a guide is needed.
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