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Full Version: Build your DNA points up to this number
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... but why?

I see lots of guides saying "follow this exactly" and "save your dna points until you reach a certain amount".
They never say why though.

Specifically, why should I save my points to buy all the water/air transmission upgrades instead of 1 by 1 as soon as possible?

Is this because spending DNA on anything (without increasing severity or lethality) will trigger something in-game?
Or are these guides just copying how other guides were written?

I tried looking but could not find the answer... sorry if this is common knowledge.

Thank you.
There are a couple of strategic reasons you might want to save DNA instead of buying what's available. There's an interesting conversation about it
here that might help you out. Wink
I also find some tips which say that it will help me to build DNA points but it didn't work. I would recommend you to build DNA points organically, as it will be more beneficial.
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