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Full Version: Necroa bug: Zombies = 0 but game did not end
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Had a bug or issue which the game kept counting the number of zombies to be 0 in three countries then going back up to a couple hundred then zero again. I had to use the active ability to make more zombies rise up in each so it would finish.

I should have lost, but eventually the game allowed me to win by generating DNA enough that I could make more zombies again. But in all likely hood I should have lost 10 times over. I made a recording of the last part of the game.

The video is highly compressed from over 2.5GB to under 200k so it's quality is not very good but should be visible enough.
Sorry about the ear rape. I was in teamspeak and it seems the recording was also picking up those comms noises.

I should have lost several times and even at max speed it took some
30 minutes to end. I'm more concerned about the slow pace which seemed endless really.

At the end of the video you can see that infected was 1 vs 783k zombies and it almost seemed it would not trigger the end.
Zombies were zero through most of the last 3 minutes and game should have ended.

This happened a second time. I saved the previous game after infecting everyone but before evolving symptoms. I loaded that game and evolved the necroa zombie symptoms. I had much
the same experience again. It got to zero zombies but kept regenerating enough to not finish the game. It lingered on over 1 hour 11 minutes! I took a video capture with geforce experience, but the file is 20GB in size. I will have to reduce it significantly before uploading it. The program to compress says it will take 6-8 hrs so I will do this over night.

My issue seems to be similar to the person who posted this bug report last June:

Also, upon exitnig the game it crashed with "not responding" error message that windows kept trapping with question of exiting or waiting for it to respond. After waiting two times I let it be killed.

Attached is the output_log.txt file
Thanks for letting us know, I will pass this along to our tech team to have a look at. Smile
Responded to your Steam post Smile

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