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Full Version: Help translate Plague Inc: Evolved!
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Help to infect the world - verbally!

Originally we were going to be doing localisations at the end of early access, however a lot of players have requested that we add them in sooner and have offered to help.

If you want to help out, please go to the Plague Inc: Evolved translation site and get started! Every word helps. The software is fairly straightforward to use, but let us know if you have any problems.

We are starting with German and Russian, but will be adding other languages soon -please let us know what other languages you want us to add next.

Thanks so much for your help in making Plague Inc: Evolved even more infectious!
Are you needing translations only for these languages?
I'd love to help! But all i can help in is Spanish as it is the only other language I know enough to be confident about the translation. (I'm still a student of it tho, so I can only fix ones I know are wrong and initial translations) - I'm sure you want the best translation as possible, so I'll try to help to the max of my ability Wink
"Quit to Main Menu" -> German: "Beenden & zurück zum Hauptmenü" or "Exit & Zurück zum Hauptmenü" but the translate page dont allow it. -> "Translated text is too long. Project manager set translated string max. length to be 16 symbols or less."
Even funnier is:

English: Version %version
German Translation: Version %version -> too long, max 12 chars allowed Big Grin
Same as TriForce, some translations are long due to grammar rules, so can we have extended translation boxes? It can help also allow more fluid translating.
EX: English: Country Screen Hot Key Spanish: Tecla de Acceso Directo de País Pantalla (22 / 40 (max. length: 22))
I did a couple of Spanish ones!
I'm french, I can help
EDIT : Wow the bot messed up many things
I am working on some German ones atm and have an important question. Do you want us to translate it into a more casual way, or more courteous/polite?

For now, I picked the more casual way, since this game is not dead-serious (well, kinda) and a more "personal" approach seems to fit more.

Kinda hard to explain to non-German speakers what I actually talk about... can a fellow German help out? Big Grin

Edit: Ok, I spend like 1.5hrs translating so much stuff!
I must be infected indeed... Big Grin
The character limits have been removed - they are meant to be a guide Wink
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