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Full Version: The Cure (a spinoff idea where you cure diseases instead of make them)
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So, I am talking about my idea for a new game after plague inc is done
called "The Cure" in the cure you could choose from a list of diseases and import some even from plague inc then cure them
to cure them you would have to control the plague by doing acts,
acts are a crucial part of the cure because they can help stop the plague for example "Giving sinks to poor people so that they can wash their hands"
you can also make your own diseases for other players to cure but for now, we will not speak of that but you can use certain drugs and medicines to stop the plague from reaching places
also, I will make a poll for an idea you would want
here it is
first one is time period plagues in which you have less or more abilities
the second one is multiplayer curing

so speaking of multiplayer you can have countries you choose a country to be when matchmaking then you can play as the Netherlands or gold ol USA or even spane*which is awesome like good ol USA*but that's all I got to say
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