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Full Version: Reset game progress?
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It'd be nice to have this as an option for all versions of the game.
OK. Wink
(18-03-2014 11:48 AM)LiquidBacon Wrote: [ -> ]well.. what for? resetting your progress only makes sense to me if you want to replay the story or are branded with a particular score for eternity. both cases dont apply to PIE.
implement it or leave it.. doesnt really make a difference in my opinion.

Well I want to do it as I played through the whole game on normal and I barely got any genes so it would be great if I could replay, do casual then normal so I can get the full potential of the game.

And also, why not?
To clear all achievements and re-lock all sectors, tap the Guide button from the main menu then tap the settings tab. Finally, tap the red "Reset Game Progress" button and confirm the choice to reset your progress.
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