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Full Version: What can't you wait for?
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With all the ideas people have, I can't wait to see what other user ideas they implement!
i fully agree with 1archerhbk this are my favourites what i would like to see but the Digital Virus is also a great idea

-New diseases
-Better graphics
- Multiplayer (with friends)
- New diseases
- New city pics
[Image: 76561198124913739.png]
-Pc Specific content
-More variety in standard plagues
-Custom scenarios

I have soooo many Ideas for scenarios. Like say one that takes place 65 million years ago... Or maybe during the middle ages. Or during WW2. OR IN THE FUTURE!!!
Scenario creator (creating own transmissions, symptoms and abilities and more place for them, changing parameters of world, such as population).
The digital virus, the scenarios creator are my top two.
Three things:
1. Multiplayer (co-op and PvPvE with customization options)
2. Scenario creator
3. Bring in the Digital Virus Big Grin
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