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Full Version: Pop culture references
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A list of pop culture references in Plague Inc and Plague Inc: Evolved and what they refer to. I'll start with the Neurax Worm achievement "Assuming Direct Control" and "Pylons 'vital to high-tech society'"

Neurax Worm's "Assuming Direct Control" achievement

Pylons 'vital to high-tech society
StarCraft - You Must Construct Additional Pylons
"Valve Time slower then thought"
Half-Life 3 and how long it's been since HL2 (valve, y u no release)

"Gamers all over the world start worshiping Helix Fossil"
Twitch plays pokemon

The 2 on top of my head
The mine opening in Sweden is an obvious Minecraft reference.
Just found this: http://plagueinc.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_references The wiki project beat us to it Tongue for a while now XD
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