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Full Version: Plague Inc: Evolved - Digital Virus Theme [2.0 EXTENDED]
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One part was broken and the loop too. And I added some extra FX


Im back!. I have been reading lot of messages here in this forum about a Digital Virus as new disease. Well... I think is a great idea with nuclear launches at the endgame! Big Grin.

I composed a fanmade Necroa Virus Theme the last week (you can listen it here http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=514 ) And now Im back with a new "cyber" song.

I made this song after read lot of messages about this virus. So here is my version of the song. At first is calm, but I hope you can feel how the digital virus "infect" the song slowly Smile. Enjoy ^^.

Composer: Álvaro Ródenas Fernández (Abetus)


Download link coming soon here.

Thanks to Ndemic Creations to make Plague Inc: Evolved
This sounds great! It's perfectly fitting for a cybervirus. Big Grin
may get the music on mp3 please
It's really great!
So,there is a theme.Now lets get the virus)) Developers!Developers!D-e-v-e-l-o-p-e-r-s!Are you here?!

D-e-v-e-l-o-p-e-r-s!H-e-r-e a-r-e s-o-me i-d-e-a-s http://forum.ndemiccreations.com/showthread.php?tid=60 )
Thanks a lot xDD. I fixed the song so you should listen it again if you want Smile. Now is complete without problems and some parts were changed. Im uploading the download version.
It has its climate. Great work Smile
Very good, nice flow to it.
Nice work again! You are a fantastic composer and this would seem to fit a digital virus real well!
Sounds good.
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