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Full Version: game looks to easy to win?
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if I check the videos on steam ... it looks to easy to win.
How complex is the game?
Is there one winning strategy?
what is the relation between luck X strategies?
Try brutal mode... is impossible...
(28-03-2014 12:08 AM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]Try brutal mode... is impossible...

Try Mega-Brutal. You'll cry...
90% of the plague types i beat on brutal first try.

The one i had trouble with was Bio-Weapon, due to it not infecting one of the small island countries in time.
I said mega-brutal Big Grin
It's easy if you make it easy. I go the route of lying low, but you can do plenty. I've seen someone go for a brash and syntomous (a lot of symptoms early on) method, and almost got eradicated, but with a few quick calls he won. It's as difficult as you make it for yourself!
that's the point... if I watch the video post(players game) on steam this game looks like a few quick calls in a standard winning formula.
Does it requires some "chess moves"? - or is the game design more straight forward.... knowing the rules and you always win game.

I must say .. it looks fun and uhn.. entertaining to play. ... but I am not an impulsive buyer any more.
My favorite way to play for casual killing the world is with the Virus with Darwinism. I evolve all three viral instabilities and some transmissions, then let it run amok. I of course have to get the environmental abilities and drug resists.

One time it had evolved every symptom itself before everyone died.
(28-03-2014 12:26 AM)Pandemico Wrote: [ -> ]
(28-03-2014 12:08 AM)Abetus Wrote: [ -> ]Try brutal mode... is impossible...

Try Mega-Brutal. You'll cry...

Try Mega-Brutal without any genes inserted,you'll want to die:-P
That game is easy for meSmile
But tell the truth, it's really not easy to win, you must exercise.
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