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Full Version: Plague Ideas
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Just tossing an idea out there. Would it be possible to make a plague along the lines of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' where the invading organism's goal is to make a copy of it's host and then kill the original. Could use expanding symptoms like 'Simulacrum I - Your host copies appear more human and are harder to tell apart from the noninfected.' This could be upgraded to 'Simulacrum II.' Could have a talent like 'Memory absorbtion - Your disease is able to absorb some of the memories of its host lessening chances of discovery.' You could possibly adapt the zombie hoard mechanic to a lesser scale to make 'Migrate Replicants - Moves a group of copies into a new area to begin infecting others.'
Seems I beat you to it Wink

Your idea is somewhat more fleshed out... me like.
Yeah you definitely got there first. I figured someone had with a forum this big. I like several of your ideas in your post as well. Your virus from the deep ocean reminded me of the virus from the film 'Leviathan' where the pathogen is a DNA amalgamating thing which turns the infected into fishlike monsters. Smile

Haven't seen that one yet. What you describe does have a certain Lovecraftian theme, so I'll definitely go check it out.
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