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Full Version: Project Idea: Street View
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A little idea for Plague Inc evolved:

I would like to see some sort of a city view; a view on a place which stands typically for the country you clicked on. Some sort of view change button to see the consequence of your virus. So if you go to a poor land there will be less people and in rich and urban lands many. also if you add some symptons like coughing you can see some people coughing or if many died there lies many bodies. It would give the Game more living and it isnt so hard to make just a view for all countries where you can see the consequense of your disease.
You can make this possible if you make a mix between zoom in and blur effect and use just a little engine and view like in banished.

Thanks for the Time Smile
There is already the citycams, which will be more of in future mutations.

(29-03-2014 09:47 PM)Hollow Wrote: [ -> ]There is already the citycams, which will be more of in future mutations.


yea i wasnt specyfic enough ( sorry for my english by the way), i mean not static pictures. I mean some Sort of living People who goes through the streets and also the work to make some consequences for each sympton.
Agreed I like this idea
Great idea. I hope so this is possible?!
Maybe a new 3-d engine?)
Very good and informative exchange .. Thank you!
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