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Full Version: Adding friends
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So in only a matter of time, Multiplayer will be released.

So I figured we're all on Steam, therefore we can add one another now already before it's release.

My username is HollowCaused. Feel free to add me.

Enter your username in this topic and we will all be able to talk and play together.

If you want to add me too, GoldenAce (original huh? XD)
Accepted the add. :3

I'd love to play this game with you guys at some point ^^

steam is: Furrydragonair
for the first ... hello all ^^ i would like to say this game is verry awesome and i will thank you you make this Smile

second: i have send you Hollow and you Golden a friend request in steam it would be verry nice if you two accept me


steam profile page is weirdraline

my ID is just Weirdo, and there's a lot if you just searched for that
Feel free to add me as well Smile
Added to my list.

May I ask where you found out when multiplayer would be released?
(30-03-2014 07:15 PM)Buddhano Wrote: [ -> ]May I ask where you found out when multiplayer would be released?

I haven't, but it's just a step ahead for us to add eachother as later on we won't have to be looking for one another and asking everyone who they are, it is alot easier for us. :3

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