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Full Version: Crash issues
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I've been wanting to play but the game keeps crashing on me. My whole screen goes black and stops responding. Who should I report this too? And also is there a possible fix?
A fix is most likely to be possible, but it might be system age. Do you mid saying the OS you use? Also, i'd try contacting them through the forms, as they do check it daily. Hope it gets fixed soon!
64 bit Windows 8 AMD a10-4600m APU 2.30ghz
All right, your specs seam fine... Any crash-logs you can find? The'll most likely be in Plagues folder, also, try uninstalling and re-installing, it could just be a corrupted file somewhere. If that dosen't work, try installing in a different folder. After that, just try to contact them, it would most likely be a bug at this point.
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