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Full Version: Multiplayer angle
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Now, I know there's been some ideas kicked around regarding the possibility of implementing the introduction of an "Anti-Virus" or "Anti-Bacteria".
I like the idea and support it. But in my opinion, this aspect would really show it's merit in Multiplayer.
For example:
I start a match with my friend and set out to wipe out humanity. Whereas they set out to morph/evolve an anti-X to save the world from me.

I'm not exactly sure how this could be implemented though. Maybe have the "anti-x" player get notices like ".. people affected are having upset stomachs and showing signs of dementia". Then they have to decide on how to evolve their medication based on the information given to them.

Can anyone think of a means of how this could work better?
i.e. Brainstorming on how to have a working process of formulating an anti-x.
I don't think it'll be balance enough.Those with anti-x may be a little passive.
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