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Full Version: Where do YOU start?
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I know, I know, no-one starts in only one country, but you HAVE to have a favourite....which is it?

China with 1/6th of the worlds population?

Egypt? Middle of the world...

Or do you start in those tough corners? Greenland, Madagascar, those pain in the butt islands that might stick round despite your best efforts...

I like China, more then a billion people in one area, good start...You?
cliché time! I start in either Greenland or Inida
(09-04-2014 05:07 PM)GoldenAce Wrote: [ -> ]cliché time! I start in either Greenland or Inida

Any reason?
I almost always start in Saudi Arabia because of the plane connection to the rest of the world.(infects more countries,faster)
Otherwise I start in either India or China because of the population(infects more people faster.)
But this is just how I start,I bet there's other places which are more effective to start in.(don't know which ones though)
(09-04-2014 06:18 PM)Jester Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-04-2014 05:07 PM)GoldenAce Wrote: [ -> ]cliché time! I start in either Greenland or Inida

Any reason?

Greenland: My first ever game of plague i played, everything but Greenland got infected, and it kept happening and happening... So i gave up and started their. I do here a good 85% of the time.

India: It also contains a lot of people within it, and it normally spreads to China first, there is the 2 most populated countries in India that trade with a lot of people. And if your lucky, Egypt also gets infected by ship early on Wink
I usually start in China (neither rich nor poor, neither hot nor cold, urban, many people)
But i also like Brazil (hot, wet, also a lot of people)
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India. Sometime China too. Last time Egypt is my favourite starting country.
I usually start with UK in Bioweapon, because I don't want to make it lethal from the start (less people infected = low lethality).

On other plague types, Saudi Arabia because of planes + Aerocyte + Heat Resistance bonus.
Sometimes China with Teracyte.
Saudi Arabia,China,Japan(bio-weapon),Greenland,or the four special countries for Necroa virus(UK,USA,Urkine and Egypt).
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