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Full Version: Evolution 5 - Français, Deutsch, Русский and Necroa Virus bug fixes
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This update adds the first of our community translations - French, German and Russian! Thank you to everyone that was involved Smile It should auto-select language, but you can also find them in the accessibility tab in Options.

We identified and fixed a bug with Z Com which was stopping them fighting zombies effectively. As a member of the human race, you will be pleased to know that humanity is much better protected against zombies Tongue As a deadly virus, you may not be pleased...

There are also some new Video options to adjust for different performance computers, and a few other tweaks/fixes, including acheivement unlocks.

If you would like to help with current translations, or improve the ones in the game, please go to the forum post to get more details on how you can get involved. Every word helps!

In the next update we will be adding the official scenarios! Including the Black Death, Small Pox and Global Warming.

Plague Inc: Evolved - Update 0.6.6 full change log:
New additions
  • French, German and Russian Translations Added
  • Vsync, Frame Per Second and Anisotropic video options added
  • Loading screen with a shiny new Ndemic Logo
  • Splash Screen added
  • Game selects Steam language to use, unless overridden by player in options menu.
  • Dynamic re-scaling of gene menu boxes (for translations).
  • Tooltip updated for translations and video options.
  • Improvements to zombie particle system & dot spreading for all diseases.
  • Zombie hordes go to selected point in country.
  • Necroa Horde controls improved:
    - Target country named at the bottom, regardless of if the player is mousing over ocean beyond it.
    - Improvements to arrow selection.
  • alt-tabbing memory optimisation.
  • Pass on colour differentiation of disease hexes.
  • When the tech hex is clicked, now resets back to its original view.
  • Credits screen re-starts when you re-enter.
  • XML errors in some translations boxes fixed.
  • Fixed gene deselection on Necroa genes.
  • Correct plague speading in Necroa games in Greenland fixed.
  • Fixed a couple of Necroa gameplay event messages.
  • Fixed Z Com forts appeared as destroyed for fraction of a second.
  • Replay of Necroa Virus games Z Com fort issue fixed.
  • Necroa Virus pop-up issue re Z Com forts fixed.
  • Z Com fortify event bug fixed.
  • Necroa Virus game completion bug fixed.
  • Necroa Virus end message issue fixed.
  • Fixed Dead End achievement.
  • Fixed some mis-firing events.
  • Pause game now ensures that the clouds/ocean are also paused.
  • Loss of clouds on pause fixed.
  • Listing dead countries correctly in Cure/World screen fixed.
  • Graph Bug Fixed.
  • Bug displaying bottom bar in Main Game all red fixed.
  • Fixed bug listing some high score tables listing scores at 11th place.
  • Save game menu error when deleting old save format fixed.

Change log for previous evolution can be found here: Change log 0.6.5
  • Cure requirement capitalization bug fixed
  • Aneurysm symptom text misspelling fixed
  • Drug Immunity ability text misspelling fixed
  • Necroa country destroyed DNA popup now pops when Metabolic Hijack gene is used
  • World text in Main Game now capitalized for all plague types
  • Translesion + gene now showing up at Disease screen (lower left shows Modified genes)
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