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Full Version: MERS-CoV spotted in the Philippines
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Ok....Which one of you is live actioning Plague Inc.?

Edit: I hate auto-correct.
(notices motherland in danger)
(panicking symptom mutated)
(raids face mask store)

Anyway, relating to Plague Inc, MERS-CoV might be a good scenario, whether it is official or custom.
Transmission: Air 1, Fomites (maybe)
Symptoms: the mentioned above and Dyspnea

That's all I've got.
You've got a new strain of mers-cov,which can damage human-beings' lungs and even kidneys in order to infect more.Can you kill them all before they don't go to WC?:-P
Maybe like Pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation)? If there would be like such symptom, it may be unlocked by an ability just like the Pneumonic Plague ability in Black Death scenario.
Transmission: Bats and swine
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