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Full Version: Scientists increase understanding of [symptom]
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What happened to this pop-up? In all of my playthroughs, I have never seen this before.
(23-04-2014 05:27 AM)YellowLion Wrote: [ -> ]What happened to this pop-up? In all of my playthroughs, I have never seen this before.

Well,maybe a bug..or a coincidence
If your plague has that symptom, let's say tumors, it takes shorter time to cure. And it's still there it's just a rare event
I mostly get this message (IF I get this message) at the beginning of the game or during heavy epidemic lethalness, it's like a heads-up saying to you to either not evolve, or devolve a certain symptom, otherwise your plague will be genetically manipulated (Disease Genes Manipulated message pop-up).

(This is my 100th post! :3)
Is there anything in the game that tells you what scientists have a grasp on, like in the world menu, that I missed? I tend to play on my phone to kill time and Save & Quit often. As you can imagine it's a little bit annoying to come back to it and evolve a symptom only to be reminded it was understood and have to spend DNA to devolve or the cure gets a boost. It's not a big deal, nor is it a game breaker, it would just be nice to have the information present in the world menu.
You can look at the news feed but I don't know how far back it goes...

From observations when I deliberately kicked the symptom in early game when I got this popup (like, within the first month of that game) it would appear that it actually has more than one effect:
Increases cure speed if the disease has it. If I had to guess I'd say the cure speed bonus is about half what you get from taking one of the 'stasis' gene type inserts.
Decreases the infectivity, severity, and fatality bonuses (though it doesn't show on the screen) of the symptom in question.
If the symptom is one that would normally make your disease harder to cure, it seems to preempt that.
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